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Flight 1067 to Africa african music with Stani Goma, Sun 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Global Village worldwide & acoustic with Roger Holdsworth, Sun 5:00pm - 7:00pm
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Dizzy Atmosphere jazz & improvisation with Gerry Koster, Sun 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Doctor A turning on his super powers ;-)
Presented by Adrian Maiolla
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I play movie soundtrack music and cinematic dialogue.  I try to play score music, incidental music and occasionally I will play the actual movie itself. I am drawn to the fact that soundtrack music can tell a story and elucidate emotions while still being complete and somehow separate from the movie that it was scored for. I play all sorts; from silent movie music from the twenties, fifties horror and Sci-Fi, burlesque camp sixties stuff and detective movies. I have also managed to track down some comedy movies, and of course, seventies porno tracks. I tend to stick to themes so that each show has its own style; I had a ball last year at Halloween! I interview people that have either made movies and/or have scored music for a movie.

I decided to do a movie soundtrack show to support the live movie music scene in Melbourne; I was doing a show myself at the time. I have since become a canny collector of music that I believe shows the gamut of the musical genre, hunting high and low for something different, or a ‘must hear’ classic.

The Score is about everything cinematic in the realm of music. Playing a wide variety of music composed to enhance the experience of drama, live performance and of course cinema. I also include dialogue radio plays and some sound effects. From the days of the live accompanist playing to a silent movie to today’s grandiose orchestrations or electronic sound scapes.

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