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Eclectic Ladyland: Friday, 8 September 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Japanese Breakfast / Planetary Ambience; Soft Sounds from Another Planet; Diving Woman / Soft Sounds from Another Planet

Big Thief / Shark Smile / Capacity
Lo Carmen / Everyone You Ever Knew (is coming back to haunt you)
Valerie June / Astral Place / the Order of Time
Maya Jane Coles / Weak / Take Flight
Sui Zhen / Take It All Back / Secretly Susan
Black Cab / Prelude
Yoko Kanno / Tank / Cowboy Bebop
Tokyo Jazz House / Running water Is Like Fish / Broken Heart
Colleen Green / Deeper Than Love / I Want To Grow Up
Warpaint / Whiteout / Heads Up
.......3 am........
Mere Women / Birthday / Big Skies

Japanese Breakfast / Boyish; Jimmy Fallon Big!; The Body Is A Blade / Soft Sounds from Another Planet

Big Thief / Mary / Capacity
Maya Jane Coles / Bo & Wing /Take Flight
BATTS / Little White Lies
Michelle Nicolle Quartet / Azure / A flower Is Lovesome Thing
Demon Bees / Killer Bees
The Slits / Earthbeat or What It Is / Return of the Giant Slits
Chromatics / Shadow (The Last Dance of the Night Club Edit)/ EP
.....4am .....
Jenny Hval / Secret Touch / Blood Bath
Daughter / Mothers / Not To Disappear
Chrysta Bell & David Lynch / Somewhere In The Nowhere / EP

Japanese Breakfast / Till Death; This House; Here Come The Tubular Bells / Soft Sounds From Another Planet

Big Thief / Mythological Beauty / Capacity
Maya Jane Coles / Darkside 9ft. Chelou) / Take Flight
Neneh Cherry & The Thing / Cashback / The Cherry Thing
Andrea Keller Quartet / Lady Geri / Little claps
Alice Coltrane / Gospel Trane / A Monastic Trio
Lo Carmen / Last Thing I'll Remember / single
Terry / Take Me To The City / Remember Terry
.....5 am.......
Valerie June / Shakedown / The Order of Time
Gretta Ziller / Queen of Boomtown
L.A. Witch / Baby in Blue Jeans
HTRK / Ha / Marry Me Tonight

Japanese Breakfast / Road Head; Machinist; 12 Steps / Soft Sounds from Another Planet

Big Thief / Capacity / Capacity
Death Valley Girls / Pink Radiation / Glow in The Dark
The Tommyhawks / Summertime / This Is Not a Desert Island EP
Messy Mammals / Orchids
Maya Jane Coles / Misty Morning (ft. Wendy Rae Fowler) / Take Flight
The Slits / Typical Girls / Cut
The Breeders / Little Fury / titlle TK
The's / Woo Hoo / Kill Bill soundtrack

Eclectic Ladyland for Friday, 8 September 2017

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