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Zen Arcade: Monday, 15 May 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

The B-52's| Party Out Of Bounds| Wild Planet
No Zu| Afterlife Lifestyle/ Ui Yia Uia| Day Tripper Radio Festival CD
ESG| My Love For You| Come Away With ESG

Gerry & The Holograms| Gerry & The Holograms| Gerry & The Holograms
Total Control| The Hammer| Henge Beat
The Meteronomes| NeoFuturist CycloFascists| Going Somewhere

The Ventures| The 4th Dimension| Ventures In Space
Moon Duo| Night Beat| Shadow of The Sun
The Soft Moon| Tiny Spiders| The Soft Moon

Laurie Anderson | O Supermann | Big Science
Delia Darbyshire | Running | Dreams
Maladroit | Gozer The Traveller | Injected Plastic Funk

Waveshaper | Space Breaker | Exploration 84
Gamer| Vectors| Vectors

Other Places| While Drifting| Single

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