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Fiesta Jazz: Saturday, 22 April 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Oscar Hernandez & Alma Libre|Fort Apache|The Art of Latin Jazz|Origin Records

Hiromi Suda|Bebê|SOU|Independent

Hiromi Suda|Triste|Nagi |Independent

Hiromi Suda|Viva O Rio De Janeiro|SOU|Independent

Miho Nobuzane|Make You Happy (Part-1)|Make You Happy|Independent

Chiemi Nakai|I Will Meet You Again|Transformation|Independent

Hiromi|Dancando No Paraiso|Another Mind|Telarc

Toshi Onizuka|Blue Bossa|Voy Con Fusión|Independent

Strunz & Farah|Las Verduras|Stringweave|Selva

Mark Towns|Chucho|Flamenco Jazz|Salongo

Steve Khan|Head Start|Backlog|Tone Center

Ben Sher|On A Summer Day|Tempestade|BGI Records

Mariah Parker|Jaguar Dance|Indo Latin Jazz Live In Concert|Third Journey Music

Curtis Brothers Quartet|Start The World, I Want To Get On|Syzygy|Truth Revolution Records

Ivan Renta|Take Off|Take Off A Musical Odyssey|Renta Music

Daniel Susnjar|Feeling Good|Moth To Flame|Independent

3D Rhythm Of Life|I Wonder Why|Fantasy|Independent

3D Ritmo De Vida|Son Montuno Pa' Dos (English)|Que Siga La Rumba|Independent

Cabo Cuba Jazz|Bran Bran D'Imigraçon|Corason Africano|Timbazo

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