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Radio de Janeiro

Presented by P King
This programme has been archived.

Charting the development of DJ culture from its roots in 70’s funk, reggae, disco, soul and pop to the sounds of today, at Radio De Janeiro we’re all about leftfield party favorites and feel-good vibes.

I've been doing radio at PBS since 1993, first with Since the Accident, then Leisuredome (1997) and now Radio De Janeiro. Radio De Janeiro has since 2001 moved from being centred on a single music style (house music) to encompass a variety of interrelated genres. As my music taste has matured I've fallen in love with the interconnectedness of music. I love that by following your record-hunting nose you can move up and down the musical family tree, one LP at a time. Presently the current that runs between soul, funk, disco, reggae and which then flows so effortlessly in to contemporary music really sparks my musical imagination. I love that hidden amongst the tangle of LPs, artists and genres are engaging human stories, stories that tell of the rise and fall of key figures and about the juke joints and block parties that hosted the music.

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