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Easy Browns Truckstop Chicken Jam Band

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Tuesday 9 January 2018

Easy Browns Truckstop Chicken Jam Band ring in the New Year with the first Studio 5 Live for 2018- this time with Ruby Soho on Garageland!

“Easy Browns” as their friends and fans call them (mostly for convenience) started in late 2015 with the ethos of creating music that would stimulate the minds and challenge the morality of humans. Whacky, well thought compositions and lyrics cover themes of environmental destruction, cultural oppression, and holds society itself under high scrutiny. The release of their 2017 debut LP Evil! on the Rubber Band House Records label shows Easy Browns for their diversity in taste, from the driving grooves of Patience to the mathematical madness induced by songs like Mr Hindsight. Evil! was received well in Australia and has received play time in West Coast US radio stations.

Listen back to Easy Browns Truckstop Chicken Jam Band on Garageland
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