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Friday 17 March 2017

A decade after their last release Pissbolt release their anticipated new album 'PISSNBLOOD' this March on Brisbane based record label Nailgun Murder Records. Recorded by Justin Fuller at Goatsound Studios and mixed by Xavier Irvine, the album is a 10 track explosion of thrash inspired grindcore that comments harshly on the sociopolitical state of the world and the horror it is breeding.

Renown for their energetic and brutally powerful live performances Pissbolt has been active in the
Melbourne metal scene for over 12 years, and members for over a decade more in previous bands.

A long history of playing together has cemented a tight-wound delivery and deeply connected ferocity that is perfectly captured on their new release.

Coming off their launch gig on March 10th at The Bendigo Hotel, Pissbolt will be playing the entirety of their new release live on PBS on March 17th with a splattering of classic old tracks from their first release. It will be a metal injection of uncompromising and relentless music that delivers a powerful message in a way that energises and inspires instead of depressing or draining the audience.

Pissbolt have hit 2017 with a renewed vigour and the band will also be touring interstate on the back of the new release as well as recording their follow-up EP mid 2017.

Listen back to Burning Bitumen for a live set from Pissbolt. Studio 5 Live is proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.

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