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Nuch Punjabi!


Saturday 15 October 2016

Nuch Punjabi! at Harmony Park is a music, dance and art celebration of Punjabi culture in the heart of Coburg.

From the spiritual to the festive, Nuch Punjabi has it all. Luddi and Bhangra workshops, dhol and dhamal, truck art workshop, spicy 'cutting' chai, live traditional Sufi Punjabi music, traditional instrument workshops (Rabab, Harmonium, Ghara, Ik Tara), contemporary arrangements of traditional Sufi songs and some crazy fun street games from Punjabi cities.

Participate in decorating the Wish Tree (mannat), while giving us feedback on colourful notes and cut outs. Immerse yourselves in Punjabi culture, enjoy some nice chai and participate in take home truck art creation.

Suitable for all ages.
Saturday 15 October 12-3pm
More information here

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