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2015 Melbourne Music Symposium Interview

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Tue 17 Nov 2015

The Melbourne Music Symposium 2015 was an outcome of the City of Melbourne Music Strategy 2014-17, in partnership with Monash University and RMIT University and supported by Face The Music and PBS.

Last Thursday a collection of industry stakeholders gathered to workshop ideas for further developing Melbourne as a great music city. The symposium also featured keynote addresses from musician James Black and two visiting researchers in this area.

AMY TERRILL is the VICE PRESIDENT PUBLIC AFFAIRS for MUSIC CANADA, and author of the book ‘The Mastering of a Music City, Key Elements, Effective Strategies and Why it’s Worth Pursuing’.

PROFESSOR ROBERT KRONENBURG is the ROSCOE CHAIR OF ARCHITECTURE at the UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL. His books include Live Architecture: Venues, Stages and Arenas for Popular Music; and Flexible Architecture that Responds to Change.

Immediately following the Melbourne Music Symposium PBS Program Manager Owen McKern caught up with Amy and Robert to talk more about exactly what makes a great music city, and some of the issues and strategies raised at the Symposium.

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