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Babylon Burning reggae & dancehall with Jesse I, Sat 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Boss Action funk & soul with Miss Goldie, Sat 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Fresh Produce electronic & hip hop with Cosi & WallaC, Sat 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Electric Sunset electronic music odysseys with DJ Ides, Sat 10:00pm - Sun 12:00am

PBS Membership Benefits

Take One Small Step by signing up this Radio Festival and help keep PBS in orbit! We are a completely independent, not-for-profit community radio station, and we rely on listener support to stay in orbit. So from May 15 to 28, the station will be calling on all listeners to sign up to join the constellation that is the PBS community.

PBS is a station about music. We keep you in touch with what is happening in your scene, locally and abroad, with interviews and live performances every week…PBS keeps everyone in the loop and contributes to keeping Melbourne the creative city it is with music at its core.

Sounds great? Here’s the catch – we need your support to make this all possible!

Everyone who becomes a PBS Member* receives these great benefits:

  • PBS Easey magazine home delivered twice a year
  • Special Member entry price to PBS events
  • Exclusive member giveaways of tickets, CDs and more throughout the year
  • Great music from a great radio station that supports and promotes music and music making

And when you sign you sign up as a member to PBS during Radio Festival, not only do you go into the draw to win a bunch of amazing prizes, but you'll also get a membership pack with some cool Peebs merch in it!

a PBS Pack, which includes:

  • A PBS Member Discount Card, which provides discounts to more than 100 businesses and services around town
  • An exclusive Radio Festival bumper sticker
  • Best of Studio 5 Live compilation
  • Every person who signs up or renews gets to choose from one of two exclusive PBS compilation CDs or one digital download with everything – tracks you can’t buy at records stores, and can’t find on Soundcloud.

    DAY TRIPPER is a compilation of tracks that are a little more laid-back with a mix of everything from acoustic roots-based music, through blues, world music, funk, soul and subtle electronica. The 'Day Tripper' compilation reflects much of the music you can expect to hear during the day on PBS.

    1. Broads - Nod Off, Dream
    2. Hayes Carll - KMAG Yo Yo
    3. Fred & Toody - Dagger Moon
    4. Gabriella Cohen - Downtown
    5. N'Fa Jones - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
    6. Billy Davis - Golden
    7. Big Daddy Wilson - Time
    8. The Teskey Brothers - Honeymoon
    9. Melbourne Ska Orchestra - He's a Tripper
    10. VulgarGrad - Oy Oy Oy
    11. LUCIANBLOMKAMP - Suadade
    12. Silentjay & Jace XL - Rockabye
    13. NO ZU - Afterlife Lifestyle/Ui Yia Uia
    14. Corin - Vexations

    NIGHT MISSION is a compilation that reflects the harder edge of PBS content. From garage to doom, from punk-rock to metal and some epic guitar grooves, the 'Night Mission' compilation will suit those who like their music loud.

    1. Cash Savage & The Last Drinks - Run with the Dogs
    2. RVG - That's All
    3. Buried Feather - The Stranger
    4. Screaming Females - Empty Head
    5. Chain & the Gang - Certain Kinds of Trash
    6. Isaiah Mitchell & Seedy Jeezus - A Million Miles Away
    7. The Birdcage - Radioactivity
    8. The Peep Tempel - Neuroplasticity
    9. Peeping Tom - Yellow Pages
    10. Orb - Migration
    11. The Dacios - Exactness of Desire
    12. Suiciety - Listen

    For the Junior Members: All Junior members will receive a special PBS colouring in project designed by Ashley Ronning and a set of coloured pencils! Impress your friends, astound your parents!

    Wear your heart on your sleeve!
    Sign up as a Passionate member or above and be the envy of all your friends in your very own limited edition PBS t-shirt! It’s included as a bonus when you sign up to become a Passionate, Patron, Friend for Life, Friend for a Decade or Business member to PBS. Wear it with pride to show your support for independent radio. And a massive thanks to local designer, Ellen Porteus for creating this year's stellar design - it's out of this world!

    So sign up as a member today to get your hands on some of this exclusive PBS merch!


* Membership is not refundable.

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