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Global Village

Roger Holdsworth
Presented by Roger Holdsworth
next on air Sunday, 22 April 2018 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

The Global Village mainly plays acoustic-based music from around the world - more likely to be anchored in traditions, but usually 'pushing the bounds' and seeking new collaborations and interpretations.

Some context and background: On the Global Village, you are likely to hear bagpipe bands from Portugal (eg Gaiteiros de Lisboa or Galandum Galandaina), long compositions from the Mediterranean (eg Ross Daly and friends, Luigi Cinque and the Tarantula Hypertext O'rchestra or Riccardo Tesi and Banditaliana), Turkish multicultural rhythms (eg Kardes Türküler, The Taksim Trio or Mercan Dede), Persian classical music (eg Mohammed Reza Shajarian, Hossein Alizadeh or Sâlâr Aghili), Iraqi folk tunes with Spanish influences (eg Ilham Al Madfai), Celtic dawn alarm calls from Asturies (eg Felpeyu), Russian folk rock on cows horns and bark flutes (eg The Farlanders or Dobranotch), gentle anthems from Scandinavia (eg Ale Möller Band, Gunnel Mauritzson, Josefina Paulson, Mari Boine, Karolina Kantilinnen or Maria Kalaniemi), Hungarian dances (eg Marta Sebestyén or Csangallo), new waves of Greek music (eg Kristi Stassinopoulou), txalaparta or trikitixa from the Basque Country (eg Oreka TX or Kepa Junkera), outrageous neo-folk from Galicia (eg Mercedes Peon or Ses), jarocho from California (eg Conjunto Jardin) - and much more. I've recently become interested in Occitan music from the south of France - artists as diverse as Marilis Orionaa, La Talvera, Massilia Sound System and Moussu T e lei Jovents. And don't forget great social commentary from 'folk' artists like Robb Johnston or 9Bach or Ian Tamblyn.

You are also likely to hear lots of local music - including live in-studio performances and informative interviews - from Bohemian Nights, Kavisha Mazzella, Jenny M Thomas and Bush Gothic, Ajak Kwai, Taliska, Unified Gecko, Bashka, Hello Tut Tut, Zulya and the Children of the Underground, VulgarGrad, The Royal High Jinx, Alex Burns, Anthea Sidiropoulos, La Bande de Sandro, Matthew Fagan, Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde, Vinod Prasanna, Glen Kniebeiss, Ruth Roshan, The Valentino Flamenco Ensemble, Vardos, The Xylouris Ensemble and MANY more!

For more details, and older playlists, check:

I also encourage feedback and questions from those wanting to learn more about the music: e-mail me on or

Gig Guide

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